About Us

How this idea came about?
One day, a group of chiongsters wanted to organise a drinking session and to try some place new. Something different from the usual joints which they frequent. The response from the gang was to ask each other to suggest places and none of the bros could suggest anything new or interesting. They had no idea what’s the night scene in other places are like. Living in the age of technology where information can be easily available, one of the bros suggested to do a quick search online but not much information could be found. An idea struck! What IF~ what IF there was a portal which can consolidate all information about the different drinking places and allow us to come together and share info and make the scene more exciting and informative? Wouldn’t that be good? Thus, the birth of this portal.

The Mission
Our Mission in the near future is to empower all bros to be “equipped with the right info” when you are going for your nights-out-fun via our fun-loving community of chiongster.com. One man’s meat is another man’s poison and we chiongsters should share honest feedback about the joints so the everyone can be well informed of them. Let’s make the chiong scene a fun one.

For Bros by Bros!

Information provided is to the best of chiongster.com’s knowledge. We are happy to provide our bros with the most relevant info but do pardon us if there are any discrepancies. Feel free to inform or provide us with your feedback and we will make the relevant changes upon verification to keep content most updated for our bros. For the bros, By the bros...

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