List of Abbreviations, Acronyms & Terms used in the chionging scene.

Abbreviations & Acronyms
HH : Happy Hour (usually referred to as the earlier sessions)
SH : Standard Hour or Sad Hour (usually referred to as the later sessions)
NH : Night Hour (usually referred to as the later sessions)
TD : Thai Disco
KTV : Nightclub or a place whereby you can have drinks and Karaoke singing
HFJ : Hang Flower Joint. Often refer to pub/club/bar where dancers and singers sing or perform on stage
LD : Ladies Drink

Chiong : Derived from a Hokkien word which literally means “rush”. Refers to go clubbing or simply partying in the night scene
Tips : A “token of appreciation” given to the girls or waiter/waitress(es). Amount depends and ranges from joint types
Mummy : A PR manager or equivalent who manages the ladies
Play-ability : The rate in which the girls interact. The higher the play-ability usually means more “interaction”
Damage : Another term for “cost/bill” which often refers to the potential spending for the session
Dabao : Derived from a Hokkien word which literally means “to pack”. Usually refers to bringing the girls out for something else

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