Top Vietnam KTVs in Singapore

The viet ktv industry in Singapore is seeing its peak in recent years, with new ktvs like Posh13 and Level9 (Second branch of ACE Club) sprouting out in new corners of the island every day. To survive in this highly competitive arena, ktv’s are coming out with new and creative ways to attract more customers such as bringing in club models, having special theme nights and some even going to the extent of bringing in Russian girls just to spice up the usual viet menu. In the myriads of joints and girls, it is sometimes easy to get lost and difficult to decide which ktv to spend your hard-earned money at. Fret not as below is a list of the best ktvs in Singapore recommended by – tried and personally QC’d by us. If you are a ktv newbie or even a viet singing regular, please make sure you check out these joints before anywhere else.

Please note that below joints are not in order of rankings. Information are accurate and valid as of June 2019


Welcome to SYT heaven! This hidden gem in Syed Alwi Road has the highest concentration of barely legal Viet girls in Singapore. If your fetish is ogling at xiao mei mei’s this is the place for you! Even the mummies themselves are only in their early 20s! Standard of girls is above average as well. In the parade of more than 20 girls, most of us had a hard (literally) time choosing one as there were simply too many. Once we have finally done our selection, the girls sat down and immediately showered their GFE attention on you. I chose one who looks like a movie star and within minutes, her magnificent natural twin peaks were staring right at my face, waiting for me to embrace them. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Although newly opened, Quinn has got what it takes to be a top KTV in Singapore; pretty and playful girls, 21 nice rooms, good sound system, affordable prices and a team of experienced mummies from renowned joints. They are still new and butterfly rates are low so do visit Quinn today for all your SYT fantasies!

chiongster tip: Make sure you come earlier to secure a parking lot at this hot location. Fret not if you can’t find a parking lot, alternative parking can be found at Jalan Besar Plaza or the multi-storey carpark at 31 Kelantan Lane.

QUINN full info and photos can be found here.

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Palace 9

Palace 9 is the best place in Singapore to bring your business clients and friends for a wild night out. Conveniently located right smack in the middle of town, this established joint has one of the biggest rooms and best sound systems in Singapore.

The first thing you will notice when the lift opens on the 9th floor is its grandeur. Be greeted by a huge hall with leggy Chinese singers dressed in classy thigh-high slit cheongsams whom you can sit also ask to sit in the room.

Once you are seated in one of their (24?) poshly adorned rooms, skimpily dressed girls will come prancing inside for the parade (you could already KIV some while walking along the hallways on the way to your room as they will be sitting or walking around). Caution! Vietnamese girls here are very playful and will take the lead to be naughty to you so if you are the shy type, do drink up to loosen the tension before the action. Some of them will be wearing semi translucent dresses and none seems to be able to afford bras here. Be prepared for hot action in the room with their fleet of over 80 girls on any night.

One plus point here is the China mummy who in my opinion is better than most Vietnamese mummies. She works really hard to constantly bring in new girls for guests to see even if they are already sitting with girls.

The best part is, Palace 9 recently made their prices more attractive especially for HH at only $88 per tower. What more are you waiting for? Come check out Palace 9 today!

chiongster tip: More girls will come to work at NH. The girls come in batches of 6 – 10 girls per parade so you can keep seeing fresh faces even if you can’t find one you like in the first run. I usually end up sitting 2 or 3 girls as I’m spoilt for choices in Palace 9.

Palace 9 full info and photos can be found here.

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New K2
Newly opened and packing a punch! Gone are the days of mouldy sofas and rundown sound systems
of the old joint. The revamped New K2 comes with psychedelic rooms, up to date karaoke system
and most importantly new hot girls! Stock is a mixture of K2 veterans who knows their stuff (if you
been to the old K2, you would know how famous they were for playability) and also a brand new
fleet brought in by the new team of mummies. Fresh is always better and under the “good”
influence of the lao jiaos, the newbies will bound to catch on quickly on their playing skills.
With a strong fleet of 8 mummies, you know they are cooking up a storm and will have a constant
supply of new babes. Girls playability are high and takeouts are readily available.
New K2 management promises all the fun in a much better environment and reduced prices. With
beer promotions going on everyday, K2 is one of the most affordable 2 session (5-9pm and 9pm-
3am) ktvs in Singapore.

chiongster tip: K2 only opens for session 2 (9pm-3am) on Sundays but with happy hour prices so do check them out if you want to have 6 hours of nonstop fun on Sunday nights!

New K2 full info and photos can be found here.

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Level 9 KTV
The management of Ace Club has done it again this time with their second hit Level9. Rooms are big with huge LED screens giving other similar priced ktvs a run for their money. One thing we like about here is the cosmic themed walls giving you the “out of this world” feel. Good sound systems for you to sing your hearts out and blue tooth connection to handphone allows you to play songs outside of their standard list. Their biggest SVIP room also comes equipped with a pool table and enough sitting for 20pax. Ok enough talk about the rooms, now for the most important point. Girls are one of the best in Singapore. They have a big selection of beautiful tall girls with solid figure and quite a number of cute and petite syt’s for different taste buds. Quite a few are first timers to Singapore so you don’t get the commercial feel as with most other joints. Even their mummies are hot! We sat with a mummy who had the looks and figure of a model out of a magazine. Slurppp! Happy hour runs from 3-7pm daily with $69 per tower on Sat – Tue, a real steal for such a quality joint.

chiongster tip: Best time to visit Level9 is on Sundays. Less crowd means you get to enjoy more saucy time with the girls. Weekdays last sessions are good too. Girls are already quite high so the playability is unlocked for the next level.

Level 9 KTV full info and photos can be found here.

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Posh13 KTV
Looking for a place with cheap beer in town? Look no further. Posh13 is currently having their 1FOR1 beer tower promotion all day from 3pm to 3am with the lowest price at $88 for 2 towers!! As the name suggests, Posh13 KTV is all about getting the ultimate KTV experience. With over 30 newly renovated rooms and a large dart area and pool table, this mega joint is set to be the next big thing in Singapore KTV scene. Posh13 management does not stinge on space and their rooms are significantly larger than other joints. Sound system is also one of the best. One good thing about Posh13 is its location. Being the only KTV located in the heart of CBD (Peninsula Plaza), this is the place for you if you are in town and have a few hours to burn. It is also the only KTV to feature Russian girls..Yes you heard it correct..RUSSIAN GIRLS!! So for those of you who want to try something different from the normal viet menu, you must come check out this joint ASAP! Their viet girls are also strong in numbers and high playability – riding, TNN, frenching…the works..with less butterfly than other joints so you can carry on the fun longer. Cheap beer with beautiful girls and a cozy environment, what more can a man ask for? Come down to Posh13 and have a drink with their beautiful girls today!

chiongster tip: Do ask the mummy to recommend their best “commandos” if you want to have a wild time in this joint.

Posh13 KTV full info and photos can be found here.

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Second Club (SC)
If GFE can be bought at a price, this is the place to buy it. This place has just barely opened for half a year and its already getting full house turnouts almost every night. And there’s a good reason why. The girls in Second Club are all carefully handpicked by their “Recruitment Manager” from the top clubs in Vietnam. During the parade, you will find it hard to decide on a girl as there are simply too many good ones to choose from. Most have beautiful model faces and boobs bulging out from their skimpy outfits trying their best to retain them. Once you have finally selected your “cai”, the action starts. Forget about playing dice or drinking with her to warm up as she will jump on you like a long lost gf and start frenching and riding you till no tomorrow. If you go during a full house session, expect the butterfly time to be longer with each girl returning only once every hour, for about 10 mins. But just feel free to call 2 or 3 girls so you won’t have to wait so long or do a booking for $200 (quite worth it in my opinion) if you really like your girl.

chiongster tip: If you want to secure a slot for SC, pls make sure you book in advance especially for Fridays, which can be filled as early as one week before.

Second Club full info and photos can be found here.

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Ace Club
Never run out of pretty girls to choose from in this club. Run by the well-known KTV celebrity mummy who had successful track records at FC, Jwels, Hiroshima, this relatively new establishment has taken the ktv world by storm. With the greatest number of girls (some say full force of 50), you will be spoilt for choice at the selection at this joint. If you are the type of chiongster who likes to see girls after girls before selecting one, Ace is definitely the joint for you! With 23 rooms and a strong team of mummies, this is definitely a place to go to for a funfilled evening. Ace is also the only ktv in Singapore to serve Sapporo beer and the Sapporo Black. It is also one of the most affordable places to chiong with one tower at only $69 on Saturdays to Tuesdays, happy hour.

chiongster tip: Playability at this joint is girl dependent so make sure you consult one of the friendly mummies before selecting your girl.

Ace Club full info and photos can be found here.

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